Bioayurveda Purifying Miracle Face Wash Review

Bioayurveda Purifying Miracle Face Wash Review

Purifying Miracle Face Wash is a unique blend of organic herbs, along with vital minerals and essential & natural oils that is formulated to lift impurities and bacteria from the skin and also remove excess oil and dirt. It deeply hydrates, unclogs pores, clears blemishes and nourishes for a smooth complexion.

How To Apply:

Apply a dollop on moist face & neck and gently massage, avoiding the eyes. Rinse and pat dry.


Kumari, Neem, Gulab, Kheera, Calendula Oil, Gulab Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil

The Ugly Duckling Review:

If you think face wash is just a fancy way to clean your face, think again! The truth is that face wash is an essential part of any skincare routine, and for good reason. Our skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants, which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Over time, this buildup can lead to a variety of skin problems, from dullness and uneven texture to acne and premature aging. By using a gentle yet effective cleanser, you can remove all those impurities from your skin and keep it healthy and happy. Face wash works by emulsifying dirt and oil, allowing it to be easily rinsed away without stripping the skin of its natural oils. This helps to unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. But that’s not all! Face wash can also help to balance your skin’s pH level, which is important for maintaining a healthy barrier function.

When the skin’s pH is out of control, it can become more vulnerable to environmental damage, inflammation, and infection. By using a face wash that’s pH-balanced, you can help to keep your skin in optimal condition and protect it from harm. Thus, use the best Ayurvedic Face Wash: BIOAYURVEDA Purifying Miracle Face Wash. It is an organic face wash that removes impurities and gets rid of excess dirt and oil. Revitalize your skin with this Ayurvedic face wash!

BIOAYURVEDA Purifying Miracle Face Wash is a natural and organic face wash that is made out of healthy and pure ingredients like Lavender, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Margosa that work together to remove impurities and get rid of excess dirt and oil. It hydrates your skin, unclogs the pores, and protects against skin blemishes. It also nourishes your skin for a smooth complexion.

Benefits of Bioayurveda Purifying Miracle Face Wash:

Removes Impurities:

The face wash’s main function is to remove impurities and get rid of excess dirt, dust, and oil in an effective manner.

Hydrates the Skin:

Purifying Miracle Face Wash also helps you hydrate your skin. More so, it unclogs your pores and protects against blemishes.

Deeply Nourishes the Skin:

As an additional benefit, this face wash deeply nourishes your skin to provide a smoother and firmer complexion.

How does Pollution affect your skin:

  • Spot & pigmentation
  • Pimples & acne
  • Wrinkles & ageing
  • Dullness


Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, or Kumari, is a thick plant that looks like a plant. Aloe Vera has been widely used to treat skin conditions and promote healing. It is known to be quite effective in dealing with acne, burns, and other skin blemishes. Moreover, it also helps with weight loss and diabetes.


Lavender is an herbal flower that is traditionally known for its color and distinct smell. However, it is also believed to be quite effective in treating acne and other skin blemishes when used as an ingredient.


The Cucumber is a vegetable that is famously eaten as a salad. It contains a huge amount of water in itself that contains fibers and helps you avoid dehydration and constipation. It helps in keeping bones healthy and increases immunity as well.

How To Use:

  • Moisten face and neck
  • Massage your face with purifying miracle face wash
  • Wash off and pat dry after 30 seconds
Price: ₹240.00
Where to buy it online in India: Bioayurveda
Would I Repurchase/Recommend this product: Yes!

Final thoughts on Bioayurveda products:

I really liked the products offered  by Bioayurveda since they have all natural products i don’t have to worry about loading my skin with lots of harmful harsh chemicals.

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