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Hello, hope you guys are doing good. Today I am going to review Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner I have already reviewed Deyga Lip Balm Here.

Packaging of DEYGA Jasmine Facial Toner

Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner comes in a transparent spray type bottle. The packaging of the product is good, the toner has the fragrance of Jasmine. I spray it on my face after washing my face with a mild face wash and follow it by applying my moisturizer. The refreshing fragrance lingers around for a few minutes and fades off eventually. I also apply it on my face whenever I feel like it needs a dash of refreshment.

Ingredients of DEYGA Jasmine Facial Toner

Steam Distilled Jasmine

The Ugly Duckling Review

DEYGA Jasmine Facial Toner has a lot of benefits to it. This toner is really very refreshing. The thing that I like the most about it, is that the fragrance of this product is exactly the same as jasmine. Jasmine is very rich in natural components which are really great for the skin. This also prevents your aging. If you have fine lines or wrinkles, you should use Jasmine Toner. This product not only moisturizes your skin well but also hydrates it exceedingly well. This product is really good for people who have clogged pores. Jasmine is also antiseptic, so it helps to heal any kind of pimples or wounds. This Toner from DEYGA is really great and is very refreshing. This has 100% steam distilled water. You can use this product in both, your day time and night time skincare routine.

Price: ₹400.00 INR*
Where to buy it online in India:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend DEYGA Jasmine Facial Toner :

I think Deyga is a really great brand if you are looking for something natural and organic. As you go through their website, you’d see a vast range of products for different concerns and care. It’s a must-try!

DEYGA Jasmine Facial Toner is free from alcohol, 100% natural, minimizes the appearance of pores, and does not dry out the skin. It has all the properties that I look out for in a natural toner, I love it. If you are into natural toners, give it a try.

You can find their products on Amazon too.

Also, you follow them on Instagram for an update of their new launches

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