Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack Review

Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack Review

Check out the review of Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack

Hi peeps! In this post, I ‘ll be writing about Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack.

Oshea Herbals deliberates it as a prime aim to produce a comprehensive variety of herbal active cosmetics of world-class with the touch of Vedic Science. They aspire to take back people closer to nature and in this objective, they have framed products that are made from naturally derived active ingredients.

What Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack claims:

Oshea Herbals D-Tan face pack exclusive formulation contains scientifically extracted actives – Arbutin, Aloe vera, Mulberry and Licorice extract that help to reduce and remove the skin tan. Skin becomes soft, smooth and glowing.

Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack Review

The Ugly Duckling Review

Oshea Herbals presented its new Radiance D-Tan face pack that contains the benefits of mulberry and licorice extracts to get rid of unwanted tanning on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types so that everyone can benefit from it.

This face pack has been specially formulated with the benefits of botanical extracts such as Mulberry, Licorice, Aloe Vera and active ingredients such as Arbutin that help reduce and protect the skin against tanning caused by exposure to sun and other pollutants. It provides a fresh, oil-free and even complexion. It also helps to rejuvenate, nourish and soothe tanned skin.

It has been formulated with natural ingredients such as glycerin, almond oil, aloe vera extracts, licorice extracts, mulberry extracts, and shea butter. This D-Tan face pack aims to provide natural results on the skin. This pack is specially designed with a blend of herbal ingredients that acts as an anti-tanner and detoxifies the skin in a holistic way.

This Face Pack is integrated into a tilting tube that is very attractive. It renews and regenerates the epidermal layer of the skin so that it is radiant, uniform and brighter every day.

Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack Review

Price of Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack:
Rs 285 for 120 grams
Where to buy online in India: Oshea Herbal
Would I recommend Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack:

I am very very impressed with this product and I would highly recommend this Face Pack to you all. Go ahead and get your hands on it.

Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack Review

Have you tried Oshea Radiance D-Tan Face Pack? What are your thoughts?

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