Oshea Herbals UVSHIELD SPF 45 Mattifying Gel Cream PA+++

Check out the review of Oshea Herbals UVSHIELD SPF 45 Mattifying Gel Cream PA+++

Oshea Herbals considers it as a prime goal & objective to give you a comprehensive range of herbal world-class active cosmetics with a touch of Vedic science. They have taken up the task of taking back people closer to nature and in this endeavor, they have developed the formulations with botanical extracts. It uses modern cosmetology with bioactive ingredients based on our traditional Vedic system of Ayurveda. Their products are true herbal formulations. Inspired by the ancient science of life – Ayurveda, each formulation contains active bioactive ingredients. The use of a variety of botanical extracts have a dual function, they serve as cosmetics for care of the body and its parts, and the botanicals ingredients present influence biological functions of the skin and provide nutrients necessary for the healthy skin or hair.

Description of Oshea Herbals UVSHIELD SPF 45 Mattifying Gel Cream PA+++

Oshea Herbals UV Shield Sun Block Cream is a preservative and paraben-free, lightweight, non-greasy & water-resistant mattifying gel-cream formulation containing various ingredients & herbal extracts that provides UVA, UVB, IR & Blue light, Broad Spectrum sun protection. Also, it helps in tan prevention, acts as an antipollution, de-pigmentation & skin whitening solution. Furthermore, it softens and smoothes skin, improves elasticity & gives you flawless even-toned skin.

Oshea UVshield Mattifying Gel Cream Packaging

Oshea UVshield Mattifying Gel Cream comes in a tube that has OSHEA HERBALS peach and white tone like always.

How to use:

Apply evenly on the face, neck, and other exposed parts of the body before exposure to the sun.

The Ugly Duckling Review

Oshea Herbal, Beauty, and Personal care products manufacturer has introduced UV Shield Mattifying Gel Cream SPF 45 to shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays which cause premature aging and burn the skin epidermis. It protects your skin from Blue light emitted from your laptop or mobile screen and provides Broad Spectrum.

The non-greasy SPF 45 gel gives your skin a fresh matte look. It prevents tanning and hyperpigmentation. It is enriched with the extracts of aloe vera, licorice, chamomile, and biosaccharide gum.

The natural ingredients of the UV Shield Mattifying Gel Cream moisturize and lightens the skin tone to produce an even skin tone. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin instantly.

Quantity and Price – 120gm bottle at 425 rupees.
Where to buy it online in India:

The Oshea UVSHIELD SPF 45 Mattifying Gel Cream PA+++ is available on the official website of Oshea Herbals, Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Oshea Herbals UVSHIELD SPF 45 Mattifying Gel Cream PA+++:

YES! As a makeup base, as a daily bb cream, as a sunscreen and as a face moisturizer. One product that caters lots of things in one go.

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