Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

Look perfect this Navratri!

The environment is filled with excitement as the vibrant festival, Navratri is here! Navratri is a nine-day long festival that is celebrated by Hindus across India during the season of autumn. The best part about the festival is  ‘Garba’ and ‘dandiya’ that is the traditional dance performed religiously during the course of 9 days. However, it is very difficult to maintain makeup because of sweat and the climate. Hence, we thought of listing down an Indian festive makeup tutorial that will help you look glamorous this Navratri.

Start by applying the base

Begin with a moisturizer as you need to hydrate and prepare your skin for the subsequent makeup you will apply.  Ensure that you have a seamless base in order to achieve long-lasting and flawless makeup. Prime your face and follow it up with a full coverage foundation. You can also opt to prime your face followed by the matte foundation which will help in holding the makeup for a long time.

Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

Make the eyes stand out!

A festive makeup requires a pop of color and it can best be incorporated in your eye makeup. Use jet black, waterproof kohl to line your upper lash line and waterline. Define your eye by applying kohl to your lower as well as upper waterline but leave the inner corner of the eyes bare. You can also experiment with colors by opting for green or blue kohl. If you want to add a smoky touch to your look, use a pointed brush and gently smudge out the kohl to make it look diffused and smoky without harsh lines. Add volume to your lashes by applying mascara. This makes the eyes look open. Make sure you use water-proof products so that it will stay till the end.

Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

Don’t forget to ‘blush’

Cheeks are always left out as we focus more on eyes and lips. Since the eyes already reflect screaming vibrancy, go for an exceptionally light blush. A cream blush would look more natural and suit the makeup. It goes without saying that occasions like these call for a photo session. The highlighter is an indispensable product to apply in times like these as it catches the light and reflects the right amount of it when a snap is clicked. It makes your skin look absolutely luminous and beautiful.

Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

Lips ‘Matter’

Matte lipstick is currently trending and it requires prior moisturization of the lips. Slab a generous amount of lip balm before you begin your makeup and remove it before applying your lipstick. This will help your lipstick last longer and refrain your lips from drying. Chose a vibrant matte lipstick to add the extra glam to your over-all look. You do not have to go for the usual red, as they many bright shades available in the market.

Makeup Tutorial: Look Stunning This Navratri

 Thus, follow these steps and rest assured to have all eyes on you!

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