Livon Hair Serum Review

Livon Hair Serum Review

Check out the review of Livon Hair Serum!

Today I am going to share my experience with Livon serum with vitamin E. This serum helps to make hair soft and manageable.

Product Claims:

Tired of frizzy & dull hair? Not getting that perfect finish after you shampoo? Livon Serum is your answer! It gets rid of frizz, controls flyaways, eases out tangles making your hair supers smooth. Not only this, but it also adds gloss to your hair! Now get perfect, salon finish in seconds!

Suited for all hair types, Livon Serum´s lightweight formula enriched with Vitamin E makes your hair smooth & glossy without getting sticky! Use it after you shampoo or even on the days in between- just 2-3 drops on damp hair and you´re set!

Packaging and Texture:

It comes in a cardboard packaging of white and dark pink color. It contains every single detail printed on it. Inside there is a small transparent bottle with a small pink label. It has a flip cap. The cap closes tight and makes it easy to carry. The opening of the cap is quite small and you can take out only the required amount of product hence the wastage is minimal.

How to use:

Livon serum is best applied to damp hair. But in case you’re on the go try and damp your hair a bit.

The Ugly Duckling Review

I have dry hair ends which reach till my waist. As hair grows out, less moisture reaches till the hair ends, resulting in dry hair ends. I used to keep short hair when I was a teen. But now, my face is fuller & short hair does not go well on my face, hence I have to keep my hair length long. Now my struggle is to keep my hair ends manageable & presentable.

I used this hair serum when it was first launched about a decade ago. I would say, it was ok types. It did not impress me much. But now the formula is improved. It is enriched with Vitamin E & it definitely delivers better results.

I apply it on shampooed & damp hair generally. It really helps me detangle my hair easily. It adds a nice shine to my hair. My hair ends look more lively. But after the day is over the effect is lost. Hence to get back the shine, I need to re-apply the hair serum. Also applying it daily on hair, definitely, build up on my hair which is not good for the long term making them more dull & lifeless. So using a clarifying shampoo on regular intervals is a nice idea with this hair serum or any hair serum for that matter.


Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Mineral Oil.


Rs. 65 for 20 ml., Rs. 125 for 50 ml., and Rs. 230 for 100 ml

Where to buy online in India:
Will I Repurchase Livon Hair Serum?

I will, until, I decide to try out another hair serum. It is affordable. One bottle lasts long. Hair feels soft, manageable & detangled easily. The texture is nice too. It also smells nice.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds amazing! My hair is barely to my shoulders and I have lots of problems with dry ends so I’m jealous yours gets that long. It’s beautiful!

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