Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend Review

Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend Review

Check out the review of Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend

Hi peeps! In this post, I ‘ll be writing about Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend.

Description of Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend

“Keshananda“ joy for hair is a solarized and organic recipe of herbal blends to enrich and nourish hair. The herbs and carrier oils are natural and purest in nature to provide maximum benefits and value to hair. The golden drops of “Keshananda“leave hair enchanted with every application. The carrier oils infused with herbs contain natural essential vitamins and minerals that leave hair and scalp conditioned, nourished and healthy. It also clears away the UV damage of the sun on hair by acting as a natural sunblock.
Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend – for All Types of Hair blends Frankincense, Hibiscus, Basil, Neem, Amber Bel, Kapoor Chakli, Brahmi and many such herbs. All the herbs support in the maintenance of healthy and lustrous looking hair. They keep away dandruff, stop hair fall and maintain Ph of hair. The vitamins and minerals of carrier oils provide nourishment and protection from damage done by pollution and UV rays by acting as natural sunblock for hair.  Let’s enjoy Dadi ki Chumpi with Keshananda.
Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend Review

The Ugly Duckling Review

I am Obsessed with Hair-Care products these days. And when I got my hands on this Solarised premium herbal blend hair oil by Keshananda. I couldn’t be more excited. I tried it for a month and I guess it is the right time to review it. First of all, Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend Hair oil is an Anti Dandruff oil. Key Ingredients are:
Burdock Root, Neem, Amla, Jatamansi, Ginseng, olive oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil.
The herbs act as natural astringents to clean away dandruff and keeping the scalp healthy. Ginseng & Bhringraj are added for the rejuvenation of hair and stop hair loss. The carrier oils retain moisture and give protection against the harmful effect of UV rays. It is organic and solar. 

Packaging of Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend

The packaging is very premium. It is in recyclable and reusable glass bottles which not only helps the environment but keeps the blend pure and safe without any reactions. The glass bottles will harness the solar energy and pack every drop with the punch of well being. It is also 100% Vegetarian. No Paraben. No mineral oil. 100% Natural.
Fragrance-free. I recommend it to everyone with any kind of hair problem. I genuinely liked the product.
They have more range of Hair oils for color-treated hairs and even special hair oil for kids. 
Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend Review
 MRP- RS. 950.00
Where to buy online in India: Keshananda
Would I recommend Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend


Have you tried Keshananda Solarized Herbal Blend? What are your thoughts?

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