Fade away acne scars (clear skin)

Want to quickly remove acne scars? This DIY is going to help you!

  • First thing you need is the aloe vera gel. I will recommend the one by Patanjali which is available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can go for any other brands of your choice.
  • Then, you need some coconut cream. I use the one by parachute and it is really good. This is extremely suitable for dry skin. Otherwise, you can also use some coconut oil. However, for oily and normal skin, coconut cream is the only option.
  • You also need some sandalwood powder which is extremely effective for scar removal. (Go for only 100 % sandalwood powder)
  • Finally we will be using some oats.


acne scars

DIY Method

For this recipe, take just a little bit of the coconut cream and mix it with a pinch of the oats and pinch of sandalwood powder.

Before applying this mixture, first take your aloe vera gel and apply generously over whatever area has scars.

Then simply apply your mixture.

Leave it on for whole night and you can wash it off in the morning.

acne scars

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