Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask Review

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask Review

Check out the review of Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask

Hi Beauties, I am reviewing Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask.

Packaging of Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off Mask:

It comes in a golden color tube with a screw cap.

What product claims?

Looking your best for every special occasion is an easy task with Everyuth Naturals Advanced Golden Glow Peel Off Mask. The 24 Karat Gold Collagenine boosters and Orange Peel extract will peel away dead skin cells & dirt from within the skin, giving your face that golden hue in just 15 minutes!

Directions for use:

Wash face, pat skin dry. Apply evenly over your face avoiding eyes and mouth (do not apply a very thin layer). Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Peel off from the forehead in a downward direction towards the chin and wash off. For best results, use at least once a week.

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask Review

The Ugly Duckling Review

I have said earlier too that peel-off masks are generally very time-consuming. It doesn’t rinse off with water. You have to pay extra time to peel off the golden glow mask from your face. It takes at least 20-25 minutes in drying and then it takes at least 10 minutes to peel off the mask from the face. Then you have to wash your face and then you can apply some toner or moisturizer. So it’s a really long process.

I use this mask once in a week or occasionally. As this mask is travel-friendly I can carry it anywhere I go. I apply this mask evenly all over my face and neck. Let it dry for some time and then I peel it off.

The thing I loved the most is after peeling off the mask some small glitters stay on my face. And that adds instant shine and glow to my face.

Whenever I need to attend any function I just carry this with me.

Just remember one thing while applying, the thinner layer will dry up quickly and the thicker layer will take some time to dry. But I prefer using a thick layer for a more glowy face.

Make sure you don’t apply this everyuth golden peel off on your facial hair. As it could be painful if you apply on facial hair.

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off mask Review


Water, Alcohol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Polyethylene Glycol, Orange peel extract, Methy Paraben, Fragrance, Colloidal Gold, Color Sunset Yellow, Lactic Acid.


INR 105


90 gm

Shelf Life

3 years.

Where to buy online in India: purplle.com
Would I recommend Everyuth Naturals Golden Glow Peel-Off Mask:

I will never ever buy it in the future. If you want to give it a shot, you may try.

Have you used Everyuth Naturals Golden Glow Peel Off Mask? Share your reviews with us.

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