Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device for Women

Check out the review of Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device for Women

Namyaa skincare is one of the leading intimate skin care products manufacturer and designer in India. Recently, they came up with a brand new product for a woman is the Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device. It is a disposable device made out of eco-friendly material that would help women to pee.
Women are prone to Urinary tract infection hundreds of times more than men. And that is because they need to sit on those yucky public toilets whereas men can get the job done while standing. And this is the main reason why every woman in India needs one of this Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device so that they can pee while standing.

Description of Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device for Women:

‘Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device- Stand And Pee’ from the house of Namyaa talks of innovative brilliance at its best. Made in India, Namyaa is here to gift the ladies their friend for life as this device is sure to help them stand and pee and save them from having dirty and yucky public toilet experiences and it is sure to help the ladies in a major way. Using dirty and filthy public toilets can lead to a number of health hazards like infections, UTI’s, rashes, etc. Women on the majority prefer to hold the urine for a longer span rather than using public toilets, but it leads to a number of health issues like stone build-up, bacteria build-up, etc. Exclusive female urination device that has been made to do away with infections, UTI and the dirty and yucky public toilet experiences throughout the globe. ‘Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device- Stand And Pee’ is India’s first-ever super handy female urination device that is easy to carry and fits perfectly in the glove compartment, pocket or purse. It is this portable and disposable female urination device that comes as a savior to help the females pee in the dirty, filthy and yucky common and public toilets. It has been devised after years of research and study and helps the females to just stand and pee while you bid goodbye to wipe off the toilet seat, holding it in or doing semi-squats in the endeavor to pee in a safe manner. It is this revolutionary product that is to help women of all ages and also women with medical conditions like arthritis, pregnancy or osteoporosis. Since it helps the women to stand and pee, therefore women don’t need to sit or bend their knees in the endeavor to pee so it comes as the perfect friend for ladies with knee issues.

Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device Packaging:

The Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device comes in a set of 20 disposable packs which are packed in a white and green box. The sleek shape of the box makes it easier to accommodate in your glove compartment or in your pocket, which eventually makes it highly portable.

The Ugly Duckling Review

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee is an excellent choice for women who love traveling. Pee funnels are mind-blowingly easy to use and you don’t have to worry about spillage too. Its specially crafted design makes sure that there are not spill marks on your clothes. Although we recommend trying using this a few times before just to get used to the device.

The best part is you don’t have wash or store funnels for next use as these funnels are use-and-throw. These funnels are made with coated paper and hence are biodegradable.

So ladies now you don’t have to worry about UTI or other bacterial infection while peeing and drink as much as the liquid you want during your trip!

Price: ₹299 for 15 funnels
Where to buy online in India:
Would I recommend Namyaa’s Disposable Female Urination Device?

A big YES. This is a product which every woman must have to avoid sitting on those dirty, stinky toilet whenever they want to pee outdoors.

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